In the event of snow, freezing rain or an ice storm, storm trains will operate overnight to keep the power rail clear of snow and ice. Trains with an anti-freeze agent are also on the line and the agent is deployed when it begins to rain.

Crews keep switches clear in yards using switch heaters, but also manually ensure that the heaters are working effectively and take action if they are not. Work cars will act as storm trains in the yards to keep the power rails clear of snow and ice.

If the subway is affected by a power outage, shuttle buses will be deployed.

Line 3 changes during winter weather

After reviewing the operations of Line 3 during the winter months of 2018-2019, the TTC will be implementing a plan for when winter weather is forecasted.

The TTC will determine whether or not the trains on Line 3 should be in service during winter weather events. If the TTC decides that Line 3 trains will not be in service during winter weather, TTC shuttle buses will be organized to replace Line 3 train service. Service changes for winter weather will be implemented approximately two hours before the expected storm.

If Line 3 trains are not running customers can also consider alternate TTC routes available, such as branches of the 16 McCowan, 21 Brimley, and 903 Kennedy-Scarborough Centre Express routes.