Bus Routes » 143 Downtown / Beach Express

Detailed Route Description

A new express stop will be designated on Eastern Avenue at Carlaw Avenue, in both directions to provide new express service to the Leslieville neighbourhood.

Premium express fares will apply at all stops, in both directions.

Routing Details

143 (Downtown-Beach Express)

Westbound: From Neville Park Loop via west on Queen Street East, southwest and west on Eastern Avenue, west on Richmond Street East, south on Parliament Street, west on King Street, north on Spadina Avenue, east on Adelaide Street, south on Charlotte Street to King Street West.

Eastbound: From Charlotte Street and King Street West via east on King Street, north on Power Street, east on Adelaide Street East, east and northeast on Eastern Avenue, east on Queen Street East to Neville Park Loop.

Buses will operate in service in both directions, and serve all local stops east of Eastern Avenue/Queen Street East.

Eastbound Express Stops: Charlotte/King, Simcoe (farside), Jordan (King Station) (farside), George (Nearside), Parliament (Nearside), Carlaw/Eastern

Westbound Express Stops: Carlaw/Eastern, Parliament/King (southbound nearside), George (nearside), Yonge (nearside), York (farside), Peter (nearside), Charlotte/King