Bus Routes » 132 Milner

Detailed Route Description

The 132 Milner bus route operates between Scarborough Centre Station on Line 3 Scarborough and the area of McLevin Avenue and Hupfield Trail, generally in an east-west direction. Scarborough Centre Station is an accessible station. Bike racks are available on this route.

This route operates all day, every day.

One single service is operated: the 132 (Scarborough Centre Stn-McLevin and Hupfield) branch, which operates all day, every day.

Eastbound 132 TO McLEVIN & HUPFIELD

These buses operate from Scarborough Centre Station via east on Triton Road, north on McCowan Road, east on Milner Avenue, north and west on Murison Boulevard, north on Breckon Gate, north on Brenyon Way, east on Sewells Road, west on McLevin Avenue, and then north, east and south on Hupfield Trail to Sewells Road.


These buses operate from Hupfield Trail and Sewells Road via west on Sewells Road, south on Brenyon Way, south on Breckon Gate, east and south on Murison Boulevard, west on Milner Avenue, south on McCowan Road, and west on Triton Road to Scarborough Centre Station.

All buses on the route serve local bus stops along the route.