As part of the Junction Area Study, this route will change from 30 Lambton to 30 High Park, and connect between High Park Station and Runnymede Loop at Runnymede Road and Dundas Street West. This service will replace the existing 30 Lambton service on the High Park Avenue corridor.

Service will operate every 20 minutes at all times except the late evening, when service operates every 15 minutes.

Routing Details

  • Northbound: from High Park Station to north on High Park Avenue, west on Dundas Street West to Runnymede Loop
  • Southbound: from Runnymede Loop to east on Dundas Street West, south on High Park Avenue to east to High Park Station

Approximate First and Last Trip Times

Northbound Southbound
First Trip  Last Trip First Trip  Last Trip
Monday-Friday 5:30  1:15  5:40  1:25
Saturday 5:30  1:00  5:40  1:10
Sunday 7:30  1:00  7:40  1:10