TTC construction will begin at High Park Loop in the first phase of construction affecting service in the 506 CARLTON corridor in 2020. Buses will replace streetcar service on 506/306 CARLTON between Dundas West Station and Main Street Station.

What work is being done? From June 21 through the end of 2020:

  • Reconstruction of High Park Loop, including new accessible platforms and paved surfaces for bus operation, when required
  • Streetcar track replacement on Howard Park Avenue from Parkside Drive to Dundas Street/College Street, including on the Sterling Bridge
  • Streetcar overhead system upgrades on the entire route
  • City of Toronto cycling upgrades at College Street/Borden Street
  • Bus/streetcar terminal rehabilitation at Main Street Station

Due to the constrained street network, there will be no replacement service on Howard Park Avenue, between High Park Loop and Dundas Street West.

This is the first stage of construction affecting the 506 CARLTON service. Additional service changes will be required later in the year.

Routing Details

506 (Dundas West Station-Main Street Station) – Buses

  • Eastbound: From Dundas West Stn via east on Edna Avenue, south and east on Dundas Street West, east on College Street, east on Carlton Street, south on Parliament Street, east on Gerrard Street East, north on Coxwell Avenue, east on Gerrard Street East (upper), north on Main Street, to Main Street Station.
  • Westbound: From Main Street Station via south on Main Street, west on Gerrard Street East (upper), south on Coxwell Avenue, west on Gerrard Street East, north on Parliament Street, west on Carlton Street, west on College Street, west and north on Dundas Street West to Dundas West Station.