Bus Routes » 989 Weston Express

Detailed Route Description

The 989 Weston Express bus route operates between Keele Station on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth and the area of Weston Road and Steeles Avenue West, generally in a north-south direction. Accessible service is provided on the route. Bike racks are available on this route.

One single service is operated. The 989 (Keele Station-Steeles Express) branch operates during the peak periods, from Monday to Friday only.

Southbound 989 to Keele Station

These buses operate from Weston Road and Old Weston Road via south on Old Weston Road, west on Steeles Avenue West, south and southeast on Weston Road, and south on Keele Street to Keele Station.

Southbound buses stop only at Weston Road and Old Weston Road, Old Weston Road and Steeles Avenue West, Weston Road and Ormont Drive, Finch Avenue West, Lanyard Road, Bradstock Road, Sheppard Avenue West, Starview Lane, Albion Road, Oak Street, Church Street, Lawrence Avenue West, Jane Street, Ray Avenue, Eglinton Avenue West, Humber Boulevard, Avon Crescent, Keele Street and St. Clair Avenue West, Dundas Street West, Keele Station.

Northbound 989 to Steeles

These buses operate from Keele Station via north on Keele Street and northwest and north on Weston Road to Old Weston Road.

Northbound buses stop only at Keele Station, Keele Street and Dundas Street West, St. Clair Avenue West, Weston Road and Rogers Road, Black Creek Drive, Eglinton Avenue West, Ray Avenue, Jane Street, Lawrence Avenue West, Church Street, Oak Street, Walsh Avenue, Jubilee Crescent, Sheppard Avenue West, Bradstock Road, Lanyard Road, Finch Avenue West, Ormont Drive, Steeles Avenue West, Old Weston Road.